For Students and Staff

Notice for International Students

Japanese Speech Presentation on July 8


To: Japanese Class Students

The Japanese Speech Presentation for advanced and Pre-intermediate class students is around the corner.
Presenters and audiences, please arrive at the venue by 15:50.

Date and time: Friday, July 8, 2022, 16:00~17:00
Venue: Clinical Lecture Room 1 (Clinical Lecture Halls, 1st floor)


  1. Photo shoot
  2. Opening remarks by Director Tooyama
  3. Intermediate class students’ presentation
    1) Vu Thien
      2) Aslina Binti Pahrudin Arrozi
      3) Ganbaatar Gantsetseg
      4) Asmaa Binti Abdullah
      5) Erkhembaatar Munkhsoyol
  4. Comments from the teacher (Yamaoka Sensei)
  5. Advanced class student’s presentation
    1)Xin Wenyu
  6. Comments from the teacher (Mayumi Sensei)
  7. Closing remarks by Prof. Kato

We will be taking commemorative photos from 16:00 on the day, so please be there by 15:50.

To the presenters, we look forward to your presentation, which will demonstrate the results of
your past studies in Japanese language classes!