As the university which has a philosophy of that we are supported by its local community, contributes to the community and plays an active part in the world, the International Center was established in April 2020 to play a major role in the University's vision of expanding the activities overseas. The Center aims to promote international education, research and human resource development at the University, and to disseminate information both domestically and internationally. In particular, we are working to create a comfortable environment in which international students and researchers can devote themselves to their studies and research. We will continue to actively challenge to new initiatives to promote the internationalization of Shiga University of Medical Science.

International Exchange Data

  • Number of Partner Institutions:26
  • Number of Foreign Students:45
  • Capacity of International House:33
  • Number of Students Overseas Dispatch:46
  • Number of Faculty Overseas Dispatch:250

* The numbers of students and faculty dispatched overseas are based on the results prior to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus.

Information for Students and Staff

Updating information on various procedures, Japanese language schools, student support, etc.

For students and Staff