Japanese Language Class

Shiga University of Medical Science offers Japanese language classes for international students and foreign researchers.
In principal, all international students are required to participate, and it is one of the places where international students from various countries and regions can gather and interact.


We aim not only to teach Japanese but also to have the students deepen their understanding of Japanese culture and society and enrich their lives in Japan. Furthermore, in the advanced class, the purpose of learning can be to increase future options with a view to finding employment in Japan.


Japanese classes are offered in the two semesters, with October-March as the first semester and April-September as the second semester. Each semester, there are 6 classes. The class to attend will be decided according to the placement test and the learning history.

Class ChartAdvanced Class
Intermediate2 Class
Intermediate1 Class
Beginner’s A Class
Beginner’s B Class
Starter’s Class

Class schedule

ClassClass time
AdvancedMonday 10:30~11:30
Intermediate2Friday 16:00~17:00
Intermediate1Friday 17:15~18:15
Beginner's AFriday 10:45~11:45
Beginner's BFriday 15:15~16:15
Starter'sFriday 16:30~17:30

Please see below for the syllabus of each class.

Completion requirements

Attendance of 70% or more is required. Also, additional completion requirements are set for each class. Please check the syllabus for details. A certificate of completion will be given to those who meet the completion requirements.

Event information