For Students and Staff

Notice for International Students

The Course for JLPT on December 4th


For those who will take the JLPT on December 4th, we plan to hold JLPT exam course from 12:00 to 13:00 on Fridays from September 9th to December 2nd. 

The classes will be scheduled for 12 times in total.

If you are planning to take the JLPT on December 4th and interested in taking the course, please email Yamaoka by August 5th to let us know what grade you plan to take.

Those who meet both of the following conditions will be subsidized by the International Center for the JLPT examination fee.

・ A person whose attendance record of the Japanese language classes in the

    first semester of 2022 is 70% or more

・A person  who takes JLPT on December 4th  and  passes the level N4 or higher

The information about JLPT is available on the following address;”.

Please feel free to contact Yamaoka if you have any questions.