International Students presented Speeches in Japanese at Presentation Meeting.


On July 8th, the Japanese Speech presentation was held and 6 international students studying in the intermediate and advanced classes gave speeches in Japanese.

【Intermediate Class】

1. Vu Thien( Vietnam )

   わたしの おすすめの かんこうち「奈良公園と東大寺」(Nara park and Todaiji temple)

  2.  Aslina Binti Pahrudin Arrozi( Malaysia )

   わたしの おすすめの かんこうち「日本の四季のおすすめスポット」(Recommended places for each of the four seasons in Japan)

 3.  Ganbaatar Gantsetseg( Mongolia )

  わたしの おすすめの かんこうち「吉野山の桜」(Cherry blossoms at Mt. Yoshino)

4.  Asmaa Binti Abdullah( Malaysia )

  わたしを かえた 日本りゅうがく「日本で学び得たもの」(What I learned in Japan)

5.  Erkhembaatar Munkhsoyol( Mongolia )

  わたしを かえた 日本りゅうがく「日本で けいけんした あたらしい季節」(A new season I experienced in Japan)

【Advanced Class】

1. Xin Wenyu( China )  「心の若さが大事」(Youth of mind is important)

For this event, Director Tooyama and Professor Kato, Professor Wan Zulinah from Medical Innovation Research Center, and Visiting Professor Nor Aripin were invited.

Although the size of the event was scaled down from previous years due to the current situation of COVID-19, all presenters were well prepared and positively participated. The other students who attended as audience members this time should have been inspired and motivated by their atitude.

The students from the other classes are going to present their speeches in class on July 22.