Delegates of Hunan University of Medicine visited SUMS


On November 10th, 2023, seven members of the Hunan University of Medicine, including Dr. Zhou Zhenfang, Director of International Exchange (Acting President), Deans of the School of Medicine and Nursing, and Vice President of the General Hospital visited SUMS and paid courtesy call on President Shinji Uemoto and Director Ikuo Tooyama (Research, Planning and International Affairs).

After the courtesy visit, the delegation from the Hunan University of Medicine met with Director Tooyama, Professor Agata (Head of Graduate Education Department), Professor Kuwata (Chief of Faculty of Nursing), and Professor Kato (Deputy Head of International Center) to discuss the possibility of promoting the future exchange of students and researchers between the two institutions and strengthening cooperation in the medical field, including the exchange of personnel between the affiliated hospitals.

Two Chinese students from SUMS, Xin Wenyu (NCD Epidemiology Research Center) and Lin Xiaoqing (Department of Public Health Nursing), also participated in the discussions as interpreters and contributed to the smooth flow of the discussions.

It is hoped that this visit will further strengthen the multi-faceted collaboration between the two institutions in education, research, and medical care.

Courtesy call