Arrange Medical Checkup and Antibody Titer Test


[Infection control measure]
Due to the current situation with coronavirus, you have to get tested PCR test at the university hospital on day of arrival or one of the following two days. (PCR tests are carried out only in the morning on weekdays at SUMS.) International Center will inform you of the appointment date and time of PCR test. 

Please make arrangement of the Medical Checkup and Antibody Titer Test after being decided the date. 

Medical Checkup

The place of Medical Checkup will vary depending on the time of arrival in Japan. Please contact the department in charge, Student Division, for details. 

Contact: Student Division (Student Support: phone extension: 2070)

  1. University’s Regular Medical Checkup
    • Fee: free (University will cover the fee.)
    • Place: Shiga University of Medical Science
  2. KKC Wellness Ritto Kenshin Clinic (located in Ritto City) 
    *Please accompany the student to the clinic. 
    • Fee: free (University will cover the fee.) 
    • Place and Reservation: KKC Wellness Ritto Kenshin Clinic 

Antibody Titer Test

Contact: Health Administration Center (phone extension: 2087) 
Fee: 4,400 JPY
Place: Health Administration Center