Move in procedure of International House


The host department will confirm if the student is willing to move in to the House. And if the student would like to move in, please follow the procedure below.

a. Submit an application for residence

At the request of the international student, the host department will prepare an application form on behalf of the student and submit it to the International Center.

b. Arrange bedding

No bedding is provided in the House, however it is required immediately on arrival. Therefore the host department needs to help preparing bedding on or before the day of arrival. It is possible to bring it into the room after receiving the room key, which you can do from 3 days before the move-in date.
*Bedding rental is also available at “Wajinkai” in the University Hospital. Please contact Wajinkai directly for details.

c. Receive a room key

It is possible to receive a room key from 3 days before the move-in date at International Center.

Contact: International Center (phone extension: 2883)