MEXT Scholarship Students visited the President of SUMS


The Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship students selected for AY2020 and AY2021 made a courtesy visit to the President of the University on Wednesday, January 26, 2022.

President Shinji Uemoto, Director Ikuo Tooyama (the Head of the International Center), and Professor Yutaka Kato (the Deputy Head of the International Center) attended this social gathering. After the students’ self-introductions, the participants had a friendly chat with the President and Heads.

All the students who participated in this event came to Japan much later than planned because of the corona disaster. In addition, the pandemic has created other unusual situations such as the reduction in the number of research days due to their late arrival and the restriction on implementation in clinical training at the University Hospitals, which made students very anxious. The gathering was very meaningful in which President Uemoto, Director Tooyama, and Professor Kato responded to each of their questions sincerely, sometimes engaged in discussions.

However, five Japanese Government Scholarship students, other than the participants, are still not able to come to Japan due to border measures. The gathering was closed with the hope that the new coronavirus infection will be brought under control as soon as possible and that normal life will return.