Consul General of the Republic of Panama in Kobe paid a courtesy visit to the University.


On Tuesday 1 March 2022, Consul General Hon. Victor Almengor of the Consulate General of the Republic of Panama in Kobe visited the University and paid a courtesy call on President Shinji Uemoto.

From the University, Director Ikuo Toyama (Research, Planning and International Affairs) and Professor Masahito Hitosugi (Department of Social Medicine: Division of Legal Medicine) attended, and they discussed the promotion of the exchange of the students and researchers between Panama and the University, and the strengthening of cooperation in the field of medicine.

After the courtesy call, Professor Yoshinari Aimi (Department of Fundamental Nursing) guided him in the “Medical Museum” and showed various specimens and models, including real human bones. The Consul General also had a chance to use a surgical microscope, and he was very interested in the museum’s exhibits. The visit was a great success, as the Consul General asked Professor Aimi many questions until just before the scheduled closing time.

Then they moved on to the “Clinical Education Center for Physicians” in the University Hospital, where the Consul General experienced a variety of simulators while being briefed by Professor Taku Kawasaki, the Head of Clinical Education Center for Physicians. The endoscopic surgery-assisting robot “Da Vinci Si” attracted his interest the most, and he asked Professor Kawasaki for detailed explanations to, which he listened attentively.

Through this visit, the Consul General deepened his understanding of SUMS, and we were able to promote our university, opening up the possibility of academic exchange with Panama.