Completion ceremony of Japanese language classes for fall semester 2021


Completion ceremony of Japanese language classes for fall semester 2021 was held on Friday, March 4, 2022.

The ceremony was attended by Director Tooyama, Head of International Center, Prof. Kato, Deputy Head of International Center, and Japanese language teachers, and took place in a friendly atmosphere.

The event began with a greeting from Director Tooyama. After that, students from the intermediate and advanced classes delivered speeches, which included “What I think is important in learning Japanese,” “Gratitude for those who have helped me,” and a speech mentioning the four-character idiom “ichi go ichi e (once-in-a-lifetime encounter)”, etc.

Afterwards, Director Tooyama presented the certificates and Prof. Kato handed out commemorative gifts to the participants.

The Japanese language teachers also gave speeches praising the students’ efforts, and the students nodded their heads in agreement with the message of “please continue to study Japanese”.

Finally, Prof. Kato gave closing remarks and photos were taken.

Starting in AY2021, Japanese language classes are mandatory for newly enrolled international students and recommended for current international students and researchers with the aim of improving their Japanese language proficiency. Consequently, the number of Japanese learners has increased to 32, accounting for 90% of all international students and researchers. The International Center will continue to hold Japanese language classes to improve Japanese language skills of international students and researchers, along with providing a place where they can casually interact with each other and deepen their connections.