“Ikebana Workshop” introduces international students to the Art of Japanese Flower Arrangement


On Wednesday, June 14, 2023, an “Ikebana Lesson”, a flower arrangement workshop, was held by the International Center with seven international students and researchers at SUMS. The lesson was part of the series of Japanese cultural experience classes this year.

For this workshop, based on the concept of “Ikebana at home,” pet bottles were used as vases so that participants could easily arrange flowers at home. The knowledgeable staff member leading the workshop shared ideas to help participants create casual yet captivating arrangements.

Beginning with an introduction to the basics of Ikebana, the participants were given the opportunity to select their preferred flowers and engage in arranging them. Despite this being their first experience with Ikebana, they successfully created the beauty of space, which is one of the important factors in Ikebana, and each piece was very distinctive.

We will continue to provide opportunities for international students and researchers to get in touch with Japanese culture through a variety of events.

After the lesson, with Ikebana
Arranging flowers 1
Arranging flowers 2
Ikebana by participants