Mongolia Fair in SUMS on July 14


On Friday, July 14, 2023, “Mongolia Fair in SUMS” was held.

This project was prepared by Mongolian students and their families in the hope that many people would learn about Mongolian culture, and was held with the cooperation of the Consulate General of Mongolia in Osaka and other organizations.

Deputy Consul General Chuluunbaatar SOLONGO of the Consulate General of Mongolia in Osaka, paid a courtesy call on President Uemoto, Director Tooyama, and Director Matsuura. Then they moved to the venue of the opening ceremony, and the Deputy Consul General delivered an opening speech, followed by a letter of greeting from Dr. Nyamdavaa KHURELBAATAR, President of the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (one of our partner universities), and a video message from Dr. Boldbaatar DAMDINDORJ, Vice President of the University. A representative of the Mongolian international students then presented President Uemoto with a commemorative gift from the university.

After the opening ceremony, performances of the traditional Mongolian instrument “Matouqin,” the throat song “Khoomii,” and the folk dance “White Horse” were presented in the CMC Hall (Creative Motivation Center), the main venue for the event, where Mongolian calligraphy experience, an exhibition of grassland-themed artwork, and the sale of specialty products were offered. President Uemoto, many faculty members, undergraduate students, and international students attended the event and enjoyed learning about Mongolian culture.

A “ger,” a mobile dwelling of Mongolian nomads, was also set up as an outdoor exhibit, and traditional games, puzzles, and ethnic costumes were displayed inside the ger. This was also a great success as many students and faculty members stopped in front of the ger to take pictures and listen to the international students’ explanations as they toured the inside of the ger.

At the request of the Mongolian students, the proceeds from the sale of goods at the fair were donated to the “Sanpo-yoshi Future Fund” for the 50th anniversary of Shiga University of Medical Science.