Completion Ceremony of Biwako Career Development Program for International Medical Students for AY2023 held on March 21


On Thursday, March 21st, the completion ceremony for the “Biwako Career Development Program for International Medical Students for AY2023” took place.

The program is accredited by MEXT and offers Japanese language training, career education, and internships for students pursuing careers in Japan. This academic year marks the inaugural implementation of the program.

The students who successfully completed the program are as follows.

NGUYEN NGOC HA,Doctoral student3rd year
GANBAATAR GANTSETSEGDoctoral student3rd year
ZOLZAYA SUNJIDMAADoctoral student2nd year
LIU YOUQINMaster’s student2nd year

At the ceremony, President Uemoto presented the students with certificates of completion, and the students expressed their happiness and conveyed that the program would be beneficial for their careers.

Concluding the event, President delivered a congratulatory speech, expressing his hope that all program participants would secure employment in Japanese companies, universities, or research institutes, thereby serving as a bridge between their home countries and Japan.

Front, from left) Nguyen Ngoc Ha, President, Zolzaya Sunjidmaa, Liu Youqin